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Acoustic guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke, whose unending musical creativity and spellbinding technical dexterity have kept an enormous international following in awe for more than 45 years, performed at the Palladium Theater – part of our “Mahaffey on the Move” series.

With the 1968 appearance of his debut album, Twelve String Blues,Kottke raised the bar for solo acoustic guitarists everywhere. Kottke’s seminal, beloved albums include Ice Water, Chewing Pine, Mudlark, My Feet Are Smiling, Did You Hear Me?, Time Step and Regards From Chuck Pink.

His collaboration with Phish bassist Mike Gordon, Clone, caughtaudiences’ attention in 2002. Kottke and Gordon followed with a recording in the Bahamas called Sixty Six Steps, produced by Leo’s old friend and Prince producer David Z.


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